Clumsy Nostalgia

by Pennants

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Maiden Lane 00:38
High Life 02:51
Don’t keep out eyeballs in the same place Don’t get stuck inside a sentence together I wasn’t staring I’m just so spaced A mental stumble and then tumble forever You look like someone I should know Never spoken so it really don’t matter Would be rude to say hello In the underground there’s no idle chatter And it’s a long way up Till it finally feels like I’m moving Or just watching my whole life go screen to screen I don’t know what I’m doing Always running out It’s a game and baby we’re losing How could such big winners know what that means Like liquor it’s bitter but soothing To finally be alone Wish I had an elevator Daydream on the phone Skip right to later How do you strike the perfect pose When you feel the sinking surround you Tell me something that I didn’t know And I’ll throw confetti all around you Cause ideas turn into gold And it’s a sight to see, a tragedy, the alchemy they undergo Just try to tear me from the glow I ain’t gonna worry about anything I can’t Control And there’s nothing I can’t control Control No control, no control
Temporary 02:50
You inherit the land, then you inherit the fall And we’re about to find out that there was no land at all Take a deep breath before you step outside The whole world was ending while we were here getting high There’s no putting to order all the creative horrors When you overturn your life and see its size I’m counting millions and billions for international villains I’m just happy they allow me to survive It’s only temporary Nothing but a day jaunt Highway turns into an endless shopping mall The only permanence is parking lots Walking a fine line Staying on the timeline I don’t know who else lived here but it feels like I’m down On my knees packing my things and leaving their house It’ll be like I never lived here just a few days from now I know that these walls won’t whisper when I’m not around Leave just a hint of me Two inches of graffiti Thin magic markings, I was here Every other fact eventually will disappear So I will sleep easy It’s the crime of the century Back to the basement I am complacent Don’t let me hate it but Don’t make me fake it It’s only temporary Circles round the old haunts In the dirt I find a plastic crystal ball Yeah I gazed the future on that spot Walking a fine line Staying on the timeline
Our little house That empties as I come back to my senses My big dumb mouth That hastily declares its independence How do you fight For a feeling you can never fully harness Fourth of July The hardest thing to keep’s a simple promise The Red Coats don’t plot any sneak attacks They just gather right outside your window On the orders of a nosy widow Would the gentlemen with contraband come to the back What you really need is a parachute Would you settle for a brand new pair of shoes Are you just running laps round a cul-de-sac An empire retreated to a dead-end street Lots of white stripes and stars but the blood is so discreet And if I don’t make like George out of Hackensack By the end of the summer season Impotent anger turns into treason And they come around, prattling on about taxes Our little house is the biggest blight On a little town on its biggest night Suspended in time in your father’s yard Classic rock from classic cars Are you still waiting on the whites of charging eyes You were a watcher and it was fight or flight Each bottle rocket is some dying star If you’re gonna burn out better leave a scar
Movie 03:28
I don’t care if the morning whizzes right on past my head Screw my friends, have some bacon, eggs and tater tots in bed Watch a movie about a big misunderstanding Try to think it’s funny, but I always think of bad things I’m so bummed I can feel it in my toes I was there, so I don’t really have to hear the story It was boring, there wasn’t any trace of glory Fall all over my footsteps, avoiding glances in a tiny space Buddy we don’t have to do this, there’s a time and there’s a proper place Fuzzy and fragile, looking small in my old flannel Clumsy nostalgia, reach in my pocket and change the channel It’s not like the movies, it isn’t funny when it doesn’t work But it’s still so amusing, I don’t care if I’m a total jerk Cause it sure takes one to know when and you can’t help who you know I’m so over the plot by now How aren’t you Phasing out the space around The slow collapse of human pounds I finally got it figured out That everything’s a part of everything Except for me everything’s cool So I’m leaving the party now Wish you would too Cause every kind denouement is a cliché It’s hard sometimes To tell which lines are real And which are from the movies We’re copying the movies The kind they make for TV That leave you with the feeling That everything’s a part of everything Except for me everything’s cool
Julie 02:29
Julie shows Me her favorite place like a secret Cause she knows If you’re not quiet it won’t make a sound Until I get home I try hard not to repeat it But I told Julie something that was not allowed And she doesn’t have an answer I could look at her forever as if I’d never spoken We don’t have a chance here I would follow her wherever I don’t care where she’s going But all the freedom in the world Will never save us from ourselves, save us from the doldrums So I don’t have any questions right now Julie’s grace Leaves her face when I come to see her It’s a one act play She blocks my path, she barricades the door And I’m to blame If I won’t ever believe her When you wake Julie I can’t be here anymore I want to believe I want to believe But I think I better leave I gotta leave Cause I don’t have any answers I just look at her forever as if I’d never spoken We don’t have a chance here Would you follow me to nowhere, you know that’s where I’m going Cause all the freedom in the world Will never save us from ourselves, save us from the doldrums So don’t ask me any questions right now
Doom Loop 04:00
What’s been holding you back is also holding you up Yours is a palace stacked from empty plastic cups It won’t be long And I can make you feel safe but I can’t change the force of gravity And this is never gonna work if you stay mad at me I’m not that strong The decisions you make, the weight could break you in a minute Because you never know what’s happening when you’re in it Until it’s gone In the minute it takes do you think that you’ll regret it When you added up the debits and the credits Were you wrong I know it isn’t easy to escape the traps your choices make Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes You’re trapped inside the loop Of never ending doom Gonna leave the light on Never leaving you Not along anymore, if you find the better world where Nothing changes so nobody’s ever hurt there In your head Hide yourself on the floor so the viewers on the avenue Cannot catch you when they cast the neon gas on you And paint you red It’s an apparition in your room that makes the curtains move And it comes And it comes And it comes You’re trapped inside the loop Of never ending doom Gonna leave the light on Never leaving you
Transit 03:19
Blinding bright headlights fly south on the Parkway All in reverse, I will leave it in drive I’ve got to get away up north for a while Am I on 287 or traveling time As we’re tongue-tied and twisted and out of our minds Trying to name all the stars we can see in the sky And I don’t know which one to navigate by So we’re lost on this island as oceans collide Oh will I find my way home Or fall through the cracks in the road I’m lost in transit the state I am in You know you are the best thing that I’ve ever been Look how they cluster together like atoms I don’t know why I dematerialized Why my matter transcends into energy spent In the loneliest hours of difficult nights Ran out of gas on the Tappan Zee Bridge Stopped to admire the big city lights Come out and find me alone in the world As the traffic talks past itself, debating the time Oh will I find my way home Or fall through the cracks in the road
Oregon Trail 04:33
Pioneers and gold rush stragglers, restless hippie kids Someone really should’ve warned them, when they get there, it no longer exists It’s gonna take a little patience if you destination is a myth I think this land’s a metaphor and my coffee’s getting cold would youse tell me what it is Some spirit held it together, crossing fingers, across a great divide And if the road don’t hold, if it comes untethered, know who I want on my side No signs of life in the desert, just traces of a real good try It takes a friend to smile, it takes a brother to laugh, her cowboy poem made me cry Even the river left town All that’s left is private property A stake in sacred ground Please, no flash photography When I reach the sound Of the wall-to-wall electricity It’s gonna bring me down Back to somebody else’s reality There will be no Oregon Trail There was never empty space No piles of rocks in need of names And I would certainly fail Far away from all the places Where they say if you could make it There, you’ll make it anywhere Cause there’s something ‘bout the mountains makes me think that they won’t change And there’s something about sitting still that’s driving me insane But if I could watch the world spin I would stand right here and wait Cause the thing about the mountains is no two things are the same


released November 14, 2019

Pennants is Ray Furlong (bass), Rory Masterson (guitar), Devin McGinley (guitar, vocals) and William Peluso (drums).

Additional instrumentation:
Rory Masterson - organ
Devin McGinley - saxophone
Dan Thorn - glockenspiel

Engineered by Dan Thorn at Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA

Mixed by Miguel Gallego

Mastered by Anthony Gallo at Brooklyn Mastering

Cover illustration by Rachel Lesser (


all rights reserved



Pennants Brooklyn, New York

Formed in 2018, Pennants is Devin McGinley, Rory Masterson, William Peluso, & Ray Furlong.

Our debut album, "Clumsy Nostalgia," was released in November 2019. Thanks for listening.

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